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Before Entering An English Examination Or Joining A Training,
Find Out Your Child's Ability.

Tutoras offers online tests that cover major examination formats so children may get familiar with these examination structures. The results report students' literacy levels so parents may make wiser decisions when sending their children to an examination or training.

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Join the FREE online examination!

(The system only accepts 100 cases)

Please use a desktop computer for the test.

  1. This test is suitable for those who are considering taking the Cambridge YLE Starters or Movers Exams.

  2. This test takes about 30 minutes to complete.

  3. Set up a quiet room for the candidate. The candidate is required to complete the test on their own. Results will not reflect the child's natural ability if the questions are not attempted independently.

  4. Check the volume of your computer sound before starting the test.

  5. Do not interfere with the candidate while they are completing the test. The system will record answers accurately as well as record other factors including timing and input to generate a comprehensive analysis.

  6. When the candidate is ready, press the button below to start.

■ Discovering Personal Ability

  • Get fully equipped before taking any exam.

  • Choose a suitable training course and make progress easily.

  • Avoid repetitive lessons and mismatched grade levels.

  • Save time by practicing at home.

■ Progress Transparency

  • Receive a universal assessment to fully understand your child's ability.

  • Save money by avoiding unnecessary training courses.

  • Save the fee of attempting unsuitable examination levels.

  • Test results are returned immediately.

■ Unbiased Tool For Evaluation

  • Use the test results to continuously monitor your students' learning progress.

  • Use the test as homework to keep students familiar with examination requirements.

  • Instill a self-study habit that will improve classroom performance.

  • Distribute Recognition Awards automatically after test completion.

Before Taking A Course Or Entering An Exam 

Understand the true ability of your child.
Know which test level your child should enter.
Use the tool for recurring practice before the exam date.

Monitor learning progress with a neutral assessment tool.

The most effective and efficient tool can help parents

■ Save Time ■ Save Money ■