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Tutoras Educators are experienced well-trained, enthusiastic Canadians. Our educators use well-researched multi-sensory methodologies,  which better equip them to offer the support that

all students need at a global level. Tutoras can help our clients in the following areas: 

NET Recruitment

Shortlist candidates who have the appropriate qualifications, teaching experience, and ambition in the field of education. Based on the school’s requirements, potential teachers will be given detailed information on the roles and expectations of the position. Potential teachers will also be fully informed of the school’s background and culture. 


Interviews will be conducted by the headmaster and teaching faculty through SKYPE or face-to-face in authorized locations in order to understand more about the applicant's qualifications and potential.

Preparation For Employment

A visa application will be arranged for overseas employment. We assist teachers during the visa application and help them comply with the local employment policies of different countries.

Performance Management

Full-day training will be provided to teachers to let them understand more about the school’s culture, background, and curriculum. They will also learn about lesson planning and the local work culture and education system.

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